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Our signature Positive Parenting academy “The Positive Parenting Way” is backed by years of research anchored in our proprietary Positive Parenting 5R Roadmap, and is carried out by a certified Positive Parenting Coach with >5 years of experience!

The academy aims to support your parenting journey by building a sustainable strong trusting connection with your child! It will empower you with in-depth Positive Parenting knowledge, equip you with actionable strategies to manage tantrums, and help you learn all about emotion regulation and positive discipline!

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Re-Parenting YOU!

A successful Positive Parenting journey starts with YOU! Learn how to re-parent yourself by implementing our rewiring toolbox. Empower yourself with key strategies to help you regulate your own emotions and identify your parenting triggers!

Managing Tantrums

Get insights into your child’s big feelings, and equip yourself with in-the-moment tools & strategies on how to manage her tantrums. Learn about the Tantrum Arc, and understand the power of attunement to reconnect with your child after a tantrum.

Rethinking Discipline

Understand why children test boundaries, and find out how to reframe tricky behaviours. Learn to carry out positive and effective discipline – you will never need to punish your child ever again! Equip yourself with the secret recipe behind successful positive discipline.

Our P.E.A.C.E. Toolkit

Get coached on 5 key strategies on how to minimise the impact and frequency of tantrums going forward. Learn tips to ensure you stay strong to positive parenting through the ages and stages that your child has to go through. This will stay with you for life!

Our Positive Parenting Academy is for parents, caregivers and/or educators who:

are feeling helpless and do not know how to manage their children’s tantrums and behaviours
are tired and frustrated of having to resort to yelling and punishing all the time
are looking to build stronger and more trusting relationships with their children
are new to positive parenting and want to learn all about it!
have some knowledge about positive parenting but are looking to go deeper
are skeptical about positive parenting and want to find out what’s the big deal about it!

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Our Play-Based Learning Approach

Do you know that 90% of the human brain is developed in the early years (0 to 5 years old)? This is why the early years are critical for a child’s development.

In these early years, a child responds the best to play and processes information best during play. We adopt a play-based learning approach in our activities to cultivate a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge in our children.

Play is more than just fun for young children, it is an essential way for them to learn and develop key skills and abilities. Play helps your child to build confidence, develop socio-emotional and communication skills, explore in creative elements, and achieve language and cognitive mastery.

Learn more about our play-based learning activities from our social media, and get your hands on our resources for these!

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Hello, I'm Wanyun!

Like many other parents out there, I wear many hats in life! I am a mother, a certified Positive Parenting coach, creator and founder of Popsicles & Play – The Parenting Academy, and a Finance Director at a FMCG MNC (my full-time day job).

I am a mother to 3 beautiful children – Travis, Hayley and Ellie. Everyday, they motivate and inspire me to be a better person for them.

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